Why do I need Corporate Eye Care?


Corporate Eye Care is not a luxury, but a requirement. The Health and Safety Executive have detailed the obligations for employers to provide Eye Care for its employees.

Reference : http://www.hse.gov.uk/msd/faq-dse.htm

Do Employers have to pay for Employees Eye Examinations?

Answer: Employees are entitled to ask their employer to provide an eye test if they habitually use Display Screen Equipment (DSE) as a significant part of your normal day to day work. This is a full sight test by an Optometrist (or a doctor).

Do Employers have to pay for DSE spectacles?

Answer: The employer will only have to pay for spectacles if the test shows they need special corrective appliances (normally spectacles) that are prescribed for the distance the screen is viewed at. If their distance prescription is suitable for DSE work, the employer does not have to pay for your spectacles.


Redgate’s Optometrist performed a thorough Eye Examination and explained everything to me.

J Delong

Why Choose Redgate ?


Employers are obliged to provide Eye Examinations to staff who use a VDU and glasses for those that require them for specific VDU reasons. We simply offer the best value way to meet your obligations.


  • Highest rated Optician in High Wycombe
  • UK registered company
  • Voucher creation and booking is all online.
  • NHS Audited
  • 90 Day Satisfaction Period
  • Takes less than 1 minute to issue a Voucher
  • GOC registered
  • See the same Eye Care Professionals  each visit.
  • Open 7 days a week, including late nights.


How Much can I save?


Our £17 VDU Corporate Voucher covers the Eye Examination and up to £55 towards glasses when required solely and specifically for VDU use.  

Safeguarding your staff’s eyesight now can help prevent problems later. This Voucher is the simple and rewarding way to fulfill your duty of care and safeguard the vision and health of all your employees.


How do I arrange an Appointment for a member of Staff?

It’s very simple.

Go the Redgate Opticians website at www.redgateopticians.com.

Then use the menu to select “Clinics”, on the drop down, you will notice “Corporate Eye Care”, for a VDU voucher, simply click the VDU Voucher link.

Once on the voucher page, enter the employees name and email, and then click add to the basket, then pay for the voucher. The voucher will automatically be sent to the employee’s email which has been inputted on the voucher page.  

The Employee then just needs to book the Eye Examination at their preferred time. This can be done either Online using our Appointments page, or by phone on 01494 258690.


This document can be downloaded as a PDF file here.


Any Questions?