Redgate Dry Eye Clinic

 Redgate Opticians are not simply another Optician.

Our consultant Optometrist’s each have a speciality which they publish articles for and conduct specialist clinics. One such Speciality is Dry Eye.


Who can suffer with Dry Eye?

Dry eyes is a common condition that can affect both men, women, the young and elderly. In short, anyone can suffer with dry eye, however the most at risk group is women over the age of 40.


What do people with Dry eyes feel?

People with dry eye often report that their eyes are :

  • Sore
  • Gritty
  • Itchy
  • Light sensitive
  • Red
  • Watery
  • Sticky
  • Feels like something is stuck on the eye


What is the purpose of a Dry Eye Clinic?

The aim of the Dry Eye Clinic is to diagnose if dry eye is present, if so, the type of dry eye, and a treatment plan.


What can be done about Dry Eye ?

Often there is no ”cure” for dry eye. However we can set up treatment plans of particular dry eye drops and gels to minimise any discomfort and inconvenience from the symptoms. 

At Redgate we try to use only proven, and evidence based practices. For Dry eye disease, a very well respected publication is the “DEWS 2 Study”. The DEWS 2 study forms the medical understanding of what Dry eye is, why some people get it, the typical signs and symptoms of the disease and the treatment options.

We also offer punctal occlusion therapy for long term dry eye sufferers. This simple and painless procedure involves blocking the passage that tears normally drain from. This results in the natural tears staying on the surface of the eye, rather than draining away. This can mean that the patient is less reliant on dry eye drops, some can even stop them all together.


How much is a consultation?

A Dry eye clinic appointment is a private service and costs £50 per appointment. Most patients will require one initial appointment in which the current situation and a treatment plan will be determined. Then one or two follow up appointments are often required, followed by a yearly review. 


Punctal occlusion therapy is charged at £200 for both eyes. This includes a follow up appointment which is normally one week after the procedure.