Emergency Eye Examination

Our Optometrists are Independent Prescribing Optometrists who also work in Hospitals. They are able to prescribe almost all medications for any Eye issue. Most Medications are kept in our dispensary (including steroids, antibiotics and anti viral medication) or can be picked up from local pharmacies with our private prescriptions.

This service is for the following types of Eye Emergencies :

  • Injuries to the surface of the eye.
  • Lumps and bumps on the eye lids.
  • Swollen Eye Lids
  • Foreign Body stuck on the surface of the eye.
  • New floaters, or flashing lights or area of vision that is blank or distorted.
  • Sudden loss of vision
  • Itchy Eyes
  • Red eyes
  • Painful Eyes
  • Recurrent Corneal Erosions


If you are not sure if your problem is suitable for this appointment, please call 01494 258690 immediately.

If you have a problem, but do not wish to be seen privately by one of our specialists at Redgate Opticians, please contact your GP or call 111.