Available at Redgate opticians in High Wycombe.

Authentic Oakley Prescription sports glasses with genuine Oakley lenses are now available at Redgate opticians. Frames such as ‘Jawbreaker’, Flak 2.0, Flak Jacket and Quarter jacket to name a few are all available with Oakley’s superior prism lens technology. Using specially engineered lens tints, Oakley Prizm technology filters out the background noise of light that interferes with vision while emphasizing the colours you need to see for optimal performance.

  • Sharpens visual acuity to help you see more clearly and react faster
  • Enhances detail recognition to help you spot what you need to see.
  • Optimizes your ability to see and track moving objects in you periphery.
  • Improves performance to help you compete with confidence.

Available in single vision lenses from £225.00, and varifocal lenses from £269.00.

Oakley prism sports specific lenses are specially designed for road and trail cycling, golf, cricket and both shallow and deep water sports. See in store for details and speak with our specialists about the different variations available.

Our Patient Helen with her Sports Specific Oakley Prism Road Varifocals