If you have flashing lights in your vision, there could be a sight threatening problem.

Flashing lights in the vision is known as photopsia.

There are many potential reasons why a person may experience flashing lights in their vision. Some can be related to a general health condition, such as low blood pressure, and some can be due to a serious eye problem, such as a retinal detachment.

What to do if you have flashing lights in your vision

If someone has flashing lights in their vision, they need to be seen urgently for a dilated fundus (retinal) examination. This means special drops need to applied to the eyes which dilate the pupil, so a detailed exam of the back of the eye can be done. The drops blur the vision and can take 6 hours to return to normal, so patients will not be able to drive back themselves.

To be seen urgently you can either book an Emergency Eye Exam and be seen in our High Wycombe practice, or you can contact your GP.

To book an Emergency Eye Exam, please click here or call 01494 258690.