To promote healthy vision in children, Redgate Opticians are giving away Free Easter Eggs for all children who come in for their NHS Sight Test during the Easter Holidays!

Good eyesight is crucial in making sure a child develops to their full potential both at school and socially. It’s never too early to have a sight test, visiting an optometrist will mean you can spot and manage vision problems that may affect your child’s development. If children spend a lot of time on computers and in front of screens this could cause ‘digital eye strain’. One of the main symptoms is temporary blurred vision but other signs such as sore and tired eyes, dry eye and headaches are also associated with digital eye strain.

At Redgate you will be seen by a fully qualified optometrist with over 10 years experience. Your child will have a full comprehensive eye examination including testing 3-d vision and colour vision. Should your child need glasses they will be able to chose from our large range of glasses from our ‘children’s glasses’ and our ‘teenager’ section which would be FREE of charge. All children’s glasses will be repaired and replaced FREE off charge should that be necessary.

All children under the age of 16 are entitled to a FREE NHS Sight test and Free Glasses should they require them. All children who are 16, 17 and 18 and in Full time education are also entitled to a FREE Sight test and Free Glasses too.

Simply call the store on 01494 258 690 or book online using the link below to claim your FREE Easter Egg. Your child will receive an Easter Egg whether or not they require glasses.


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