If the children are still off, its the perfect time to get their eyes checked.


Why do you need to choose Redgate for your Child?


  • Experienced Optometrists – Who also own the company, see the same Optometrists each time.
  • The Latest Technology – We have special machines that can check your child’s prescription without them having to say anything!
  • Special Screening – We screen for Eye Diseases like Keratoconus and Colour Vision problems as standard.
  • My Child keeps losing or breaking the glasses – No problem, we offer an unlimited repair or replace service as standard.
  • BONUS – Kids now get two Pairs of Glasses at no extra charge.

Your Child’s eyes are precious, if you have been going to a different Optician, but considering changing to Redgate, give us a try and Im sure you will agree we are the right Practice for your family.

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Ahmed Hilmi
Author : Ahmed Hilmi

Ahmed is an Optometrist with over 15 years experience. He is the senior Optometrist at Redgate Opticians in High Wycombe and is also currently working for the John Radcliffe Eye Clinic.

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