If the children are still off, its the perfect time to get their eyes checked.


Why do you need to choose Redgate for your Child?


  • Experienced Optometrists – Who also own the company, see the same Optometrists each time.
  • The Latest Technology – We have special machines that can check your child’s prescription without them having to say anything!
  • Special Screening – We screen for Eye Diseases like Keratoconus and Colour Vision problems as standard.
  • My Child keeps losing or breaking the glasses – No problem, we offer an unlimited repair or replace service as standard.
  • BONUS – Kids now get two Pairs of Glasses at no extra charge.

Your Child’s eyes are precious, if you have been going to a different Optician, but considering changing to Redgate, give us a try and Im sure you will agree we are the right Practice for your family.

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