Headaches can be caused by eye problems and sometimes it can be serious.

There is a particular headache that Optometrists watch out for in children and young adults. Its associated with a condition called papilloedema, which means the nerve at the back of the eye is swollen. This is caused because the fluid in the skull has increased in pressure. The headaches can be worse at night or when lying down or bending over. They are often persistent and can be associated with nausea (feeling sick).


The scary thing about papilloedema is that from just looking at the patient, you can not tell if they have it, only a thorough examination can identify this condition.

The image below is of a real patient that was seen at Redgate Opticians in High Wycombe. Thanks to our thorough Eye Examination and quick actions the patient survived and continues to lead a normal life.

The NHS has a great page on headaches, click here to read it. Its a great first port of call before calling the GP or 111.

At Redgate we see on average 6 patients a year who have this potentially fatal condition.

If you suspect someone has papilloedema book them in for an urgent appointment immediately (same day).

Call on 01494 258690 to book an appointment.


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