Hearing Care at Redgate

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We provide hearing care at extremely competitive prices. At an appointment our Audiologist will examine your ears and measure your hearing and advise you accordingly.

We are passionate about hearing and about making a difference in our patient’s lives. This shines through in our exemplary service. Your hearing matters to us, and our extensive experience working in the NHS and for hearing aid manufacturers mean that we are better placed than most to help.

For your convenience we offer consultations in our clinic, but also in the comfort of your own home. This flexibility allows us to see you at your convenience, no matter how busy your lifestyle.

Appointments outside of working hours are just part of what makes our service so special.

Our Audiologists use the very latest equipment and techniques to measure your hearing. If a hearing loss is discovered, our knowledge of the latest hearing aid technology will help find the solution that’s right for you.

Hearing aids can be expensive. Redgate is uniquely placed to offer the best value in the industry. Our connections with the top hearing aid manufacturers ensure that we keep our prices lower than anyone else’s.

And that best price includes many extras: a free consultation and hearing test, free batteries for your hearing aids, unlimited follow-up visits, free accessories for your hearing aids and the knowledge and assistance of the industry’s finest Audiologists.

Services provided: