We are often asked “When should I have my eyes checked ?” This article will let you know the answer and the reasons behind why some groups need checks more frequently.

How often should someone have an Eye Test?

The famous answer is : It depends !



Eye test frequency is determined by the level of risk of changes in the eye sight, or the risk of developing eye disease. Children up to the age of 16 should have a yearly check, from 16 onwards 2 yearly checks are advised. However, if someone has a family history of Glaucoma and they are age 40+, then they should have a yearly check.

Sometimes an Optometrist will advise a eye testing cycle different to what is described above, this is because that individual maybe at risk of an eye problem, so always follow what the previous Optometrist has said, but the interval between eye checks should be no longer than 2 years.

If someone is having issues with their vision or eye, they should ignore their routine cycle of eye checks, and come straight in.