We are going to remain open as long as it’s safe and legal to do so.

We are going to be here to help you with any eye problems and glasses issues.

However,  all services, collections, adjustments, any interactions will now be by appointment only.

There are also now strict rules for your visit.

Please read this carefully to understand the changes we will make.



We have taken advice and looked at all available information and decided that for the safety of patients and staff and the wider community, we can not remain open to the public as we currently are. All appointments will be hourly, as such this means no two patients will be in the practice at the same time. We will operate minimal staff and we ask patients to either come alone, or if its a child, to have just one parent accompany them.

It is our opinion that there is no other way to operate. We have to balance the needs of the patient in terms of their eye care, against the potential hazards of Covid-19. We understand that some other practices are still allowing multiple patients access and have multiple staff on site. We do not believe this is in the best interests of the patients or staff.

New Practice Rules

  • All practice visits will need an appointment.
  • All appointments will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Only one person may come to the appointment, unless a parent/carer is required, then one extra person is allowed.
  • Patients will be let in at the time of their appointment, then be asked to immediately wash their hands and then wait whilst we prepare for their appointment.
  • Patients need to consider if their appointment is significant. If they are not having any issues and do not need glasses urgently, then it may be wise to delay their routine appointment until the situation returns to normal.
  • Patients who are 60+ or in an at risk group will need to have a phone consultation with an Optometrist to establish how essential their appointment is.


Lastly, this has been a difficult time for everyone. Its important now to consider your safety and I hope our actions here have shown that we will always put people before profits. Redgate will , God willing, return to full service as soon as possible, and we hope to see each and every one of you safe and sound.


The whole Team at Redgate



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