There are two main factors which can mean your child is more at risk of developing short-sightedness (myopia) – genetics and lifestyle.

Genetics: If one or both parents need glasses it increases the risk the child will need glasses.

Lifestyle: Modern lifestyles influence the development of short sightedness such as: prolonged near tasks, reading or gaming on near devices, low levels of outdoor activity and low light levels.

Signs to look out for:

Blurred Distance Vision    Sitting close to the TV      Poor concentration            Headaches

Tired eyes          Squinting or Screwing eyes    Reduced performance at school

If you believe your child may be short-sighted, book them into our specialist Children’s Clinic at Redgate Opticians for a FREE NHS sight test. Should they require glasses, these would be provided FREE under the NHS. Children under 16 are also entitlement to FREE repairs and replacements of their glasses.

At Redgate Opticians you will see a fully qualified optometrist, each with over 10 years experience and specialists in their field.

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