Some children are struggling to read properly because they have an eye problem. This article will explain a recent case of a child that is now reading much better because of a simple (and free!) trip to Redgate Opticians in High Wycombe.

Author : Ahmed Hilmi BSc Optometry (Hons)


A parent recently brought their child in to us for the first time, during which I asked how they were doing at school, the parent commented “he is a bit behind, he struggles with reading”. I asked the child he said he feels the words move on the page and he struggles to keep focus.

I completed my examination and found the problem.

The problem was the eye muscles were not strong enough to turn inwards to see things up close. We call this a “Convergence Insufficiency”. This problem can be solved with simple exercises. I explained how to do the exercises, the parent couldn’t believe this problem could be solved without glasses. I reassured her and explained we would see them again in a month.

I recently followed up the child, the difference is amazing. He is now able to read much more fluently and enjoys reading again. I told them to keep up with the exercises for another month.

Every child really needs to have a check at least once every two years, but if your child is having a problem reading or complaining about their eyes or vision, please bring them in immediately.

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