Lets See from Age 3

Is your Child seeing properly? Your Child’s first Eye test should be at age 3.

From Age 3 onward they should be checked at least every two years. 

The appointment and any glasses required are covered by the NHS, so there is no charge to you.

To Book please Call

01494 258690

or use the Online Booking form below:

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Lets See from Age 3 : Redgate’s Campaign to improve vision for Children in High Wycombe



What is it all about?

Redgate Opticians in High Wycombe has launched a campaign to try and examine all Children  aged 3-18  for Vision problems and Eye disease.



Recent evidence suggests that Children screened at an earlier age will have less visual problems in life. There have been many reports of Children having serious sight problems, that would have been easier to treat if picked up at an earlier age.



Parents or Carers simply need to use the form below to book their Child into the Redgate Children’s Clinic. Don’t worry if your Child doesn’t know their 

letters, or if you think they cant do it. We also check colour vision and eye movements. Bring them along, we have equipment and techniques to check all types of Children, including the disabled and challenging behaviour.


The Examination is free, if your Child needs glasses, they are also free of charge. If the glasses are lost or broken, they will be replaced free of charge.

Please share this Campaign with your friends and family so we can screen as many Children as possible. Every Child Matters.