If your eyes are sensitive to light or you just don’t like carrying your sunglasses everywhere you go,the answer might be the react to light lenses.

The Transitions lenses are light intelligent lenses that automatically adapt to changing light conditions. Responding to the light around you,they intelligently change from clear to dark when you go outdoors and back to clear when you return inside.

By optimising the amount of light your eyes receive,Transitions lenses also help reduce glare,eye fatigue and strain,for more effortless sight.

Transitions lenses are available in a wide range of stylish colours like:brown,graphite green,grey,emerald,sapphire,amethyst and amber.

NEW – you can now also get light reactive lenses in mirror colours:silver,gold,blue and green.

There is even a type of Transitions lenses special made for drivers. They darken behind the windscreen to protect your eyes from sunlight while driving.