This week is National Glaucoma Awareness Week.


“Let’s Beat Glaucoma” with Redgate Opticians in High Wycombe

Glaucoma is an eye condition that mainly affects the over 40’s. It is potentially devastating as there are often no symptoms and you may only become aware of a problem once significant vision has been lost.

Unfortunately there is no way to restore vision lost due to Glaucoma. Therefore the key to beating glaucoma is picking it up early.

At Redgate Opticians our Eye examinations are performed by expert Optometrists who have undergone extra training and qualifications to assist them detect Glaucoma. If someone is diagnosed with Glaucoma, the treatment is often as simple as painless drops.

We are launching a campaign to coincide with National Glaucoma Awareness week to try and screen as many people as possible. It’s quick, easy and painless, furthermore its completely free.

So if you are 40+ please book in for an Eye Examination at Redgate Opticians, it could save your vision.

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