When someone notices a new Floater in their vision, they must act immediately.

Floaters are common and can take many different forms. The most common descriptions are :

  • floating strings
  • cobwebs / spider webs
  • ants / bugs
  • dots

The actual shape is not relevant, if someone has any floating objects in their vision, we call them Floaters.

New Floaters

When someone notices they have new floaters, they need an Emergency Eye Examination, ideally within 24 hours. This is because sometimes new floaters are actually bits of blood or debris from a tear in the retina. In the Emergency Eye Exam, drops will be applied to make the pupils dilate so the Retina can be carefully examined. This can be done either in Redgate Opticians or in an Eye Casualty in a Hospital. To book at Redgate, please use our online booking system or call 01494 258690