Redgate Opticians in High Wycombe now offers two levels of Eye Examination.

A Routine Eye Examination, which is similar to that of traditional Opticians. The routine Eye Examination will allow the patient to get an up to date prescription and check of the health of the eye.

The other type of examination we now offer is a Medical Eye Examination. This is for patients who are having problems, or already know they have an eye problem and would like it managed.

Traditionally when a problem is found during an eye test, the patient is referred on to an Eye Clinic. This can sometimes mean a lengthy wait. Now patients have the option of having their issue diagnosed, treated and monitored with our Medical Eye Examination.




Routine Eye Examination –>If a problem is found can be referred to a local Eye Clinic or Medical Eye Examination at Redgate.

Medical Eye Examination ->Problems can be diagnosed, treated and managed all in our practice. Any medications required can be prescribed and supplied at our practice.


When to Book a Medical Examination?

If you are having problems with your eyes and you want the issue to be treated quickly and privately, then the Medical Examination is the right examination for you. If you require a referral to the hospital eye clinic, or just need new glasses, then a Routine Eye Examination is more appropriate.