Police checks throughout September will see drivers lose their licence if they can’t read a number plate from 20 meters.

Thames Valley police are to run a month-long campaign on driver vision, revoking the licenses of those who don’t pass the 20m number plate check. The checks are part of a wider campaign by charity ‘Brake’ to encourage the public and the Government to take driver vision seriously, with an estimated 1.5m UK licence holders never having had an eye test. In the UK, driver vision testing requires only a 20m number plate check to be taken during a driving test and nothing else for the rest of a driver’s time on the roads.

Government driving eyesight rules

• You must be able to read (with glasses or contact lenses, if necessary) a car number plate made after 1 September 2001 from 20 metres.

• You must also meet the minimum eyesight standard for driving by having a visual acuity of at least decimal 0.5 (6/12) measured on the Snellen scale (with glasses or contact lenses, if necessary) using both eyes together or, if you have sight in one eye only, in that eye.

• You must also have an adequate field of vision – your optician can tell you about this and do a test.

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