We are seeing an increasing number of new patients coming to us for advice on varifocals, not currently happy with their existing pair of glasses.

Varifocal lenses work by offering a gradual change in lens strength from the top of the lens to the bottom. Unlike bifocals, varifocal glasses have no specific area of lens strength, but progressive lens zones. The lack of a dividing line make varifocals more visually appealing and remove the need for multiple pairs of glasses so hugely beneficial to many people.

Varifocal dispensing is a specialist field whereby much more needs to be taken into consideration than just the frame style. As well as the prescription, frame choice is crucial to the success of the varifocal wearer. A poorly fitting frame will slide down the nose and alter the precise focus of the lenses. Lifestyle and occupational needs are also an important consideration. For example a watchmaker has different visual requirements than a company representative and a golfer will have different visual needs than a painter.

At Redgate opticians, we have found that most ‘problems’ our new patients are experiencing from their existing varifocals are solvable with the correct guidance, frame and lens selection. Precise measurements are crucial to ensure the maximum visual benefits resulting in a faster ‘adaptation’ period. Our experienced optometrists will guide you through the most suitable lens options for your lifestyle and ensure precise measurements are taken so you have every possible chance of successful varifocal wear.

We have a range of varifocal lenses starting from £79 and all our varifocals come with a 30 day ‘no quibble’ non tolerance guarantee so you have nothing to loose by taking advantage of our expertise and everything to gain.

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