Redgate Deluxe Coating

At Redgate, we are always looking to improve our products and services to provide the best for our patients. That’s why we no have available the our Deluxe Coating. We are so proud of our coating, we are offering it FREE to patients who purchase glasses over £69.

The Redgate deluxe coating has the following benefits for our patients:

  1. More Robust – Scratch resistant coating to make lenses more durable.
  2. Dirt Resistant – prevents the build-up of static electricity. As dust and lint are not attracted to the lens surface, lenses stay cleaner longer.
  3. Easy to Clean – repels oil and water more effectively therefore easier to clean.
  4. Clearer vision – Anti Reflective coating increases the light transmitted by the lens, resulting in even better vision
  5. 100% UV protection on all sunglasses.


Standard Lens in other opticians Redgate Deluxe Lens, 

(included in all glasses from £69)