Redgate Digital Varifocals

Redgate Digital Varifocals are the answer to our latest lifestyles of digital technologies. They are designed for patients whom spend a lot of their working day in front of a computer. Patients often report that in order to see clearly at different distances, they often unconsciously assume an uncomfortable posture, e.g. by leaning forward or raising their head. Back and neck pains along with dry or teary eyes are just some of the possible consequences.

Lenses for computer glasses

Redgate Digital Varifocals offer a large visual field for the near and intermediate zones and are adapted to your requirements on the job, right down to the very last centimetre. These lenses are optimised e.g. for the viewing distance between you and your computer screen, the distance to the customer or a co-worker or the perfect distance for reading, allowing your eyes to relax and ensuring a more suitable posture. You’ll notice the positive effects even after work.

Our highly experienced staff at Redgate will take bespoke measurements and advise of suitable frame fittings to ensure the maximum vision and comfort is obtained through your digital varifocals.

All varifocals at Redgate Opticians come with a 30 day no quibble non tolerance guarantee.

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