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Kids Ready for School?

A fantastic new offer : Kids get two pairs for FREE ! In addition to all the great benefits of Redgate, Kids now get Two Pairs of Glasses* !    *kids = Under 16 with an NHS Voucher.  

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Why are sunglasses important?

Despite being a cool fashion accessory,sunglasses also have a medical purpose-to protect your eyes against the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays. It's recommended to wear sunglasses during daylight hours so you don't get any of the bad sun effects on your eyes like...

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Now is the Time !

Now that the summer holidays are here, its a perfect time to get the kid's Eyes checked.   Everyone knows how important children's eye sight is, but it can still get left for "another time".   Don't delay, Redgate Opticians has an NHS Children's Eye Clinic, which...

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Light intelligent lenses

If your eyes are sensitive to light or you just don't like carrying your sunglasses everywhere you go,the answer might be the react to light lenses. The Transitions lenses are light intelligent lenses that automatically adapt to changing light conditions. Responding...

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Children’s Frames : Why you need a specialist.

Children come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. This means their glasses should too !   Glasses are only as good as their fitting. So if the glasses are poorly fitted, and the child is looking over them or under them, they will not help the child. Some frames has...

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The Enigma of Varifocal lenses

Why do I need Varifocals? Over time our eye’s internal lens becomes less elasticated and more hardened meaning that we struggle to focus at different distances. This means that where previously you may have been able to focus at different distances with a single pair...

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