Safe and Secure Online Purchasing

Purchasing products on the internet should be safe and hassle free, unfortunately this is not always the case.

How can you be sure that online transactions are safe?


  • Ensure the page is secure. Redgate Opticians use a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) this means that the connection between you and us is secure, so any details that you share with us, eg bank details, can not be accessed by a third party. If a website is not using a SSL, it is not secure and you should never use your card details on an insecure site. There are some websites that offer prices that seem too good to be true, and this is often because they have not paid for securing your details and leave you vulnerable to Credit Fraud.
  • Do they have a contact number? A website without any contact number is a serious sign for concern.
  • Do they have an address? Again, a website that doesn’t have a physical premises is a sign of concern, it could be a scam operation or selling fake, seconds or expired goods, without an address, if they remove the website there is no means of contacting them.
  • Are they complying with the letter and spirit of the Law ? Some websites will use loop holes to try and by pass UK Laws. There have even been examples of websites processing orders abroad so they do not have to maintain British Laws and Standards. If they are willing to do this in order to make money, perhaps they will by pass other Laws to make money, eg selling Fake or expired goods or abuse your data eg fraud.


If you value the security of your private data and the safety of your eyes, then trust Redgate Opticians.