What is Vision Screening?

The aim of the vision screening is to detect significantly reduced vision.Young children rarely complain about having reduced vision. If only one eye is affected it is even less likely to be noticed by the child, parents or teachers.The tests are carried out within school by trained vision screeners. Parents or carers are informed that the test will be taking place and following the screening they will receive a letter with the result.

What happens at the screening test?

The children will be tested in a quiet room within the school. Each eye will be tested separately, by covering the other eye with a patch or glasses with one lens blanked out. We will then ask the child to either name or match letters on a card held 3 metres away. Children do not need to know their letters to complete the screening. Testing a child typically takes no longer than 10 minutes.

Possible Results

If they do not pass, children will be referred for further tests. These could be carried out by a local optician, by someone in a children’s community eye service or within the hospital eye service. The school will inform the parents of the outcome. This will also highlight that like all screening tests, vision screening is not 100% perfect but should find most problems. Children’s’ vision will change over time and vision screening may not pick up less common eye problems.

At Redgate Opticians we have Specialised Children’s clinics which are tailored with specific tests for children. All our optometrists have over 10 years experience and are experts in detecting and diagnosing children’s vision problems. We have a wide range of spectacles tailored for children including the hospital’s recommended ‘non screw’ frames. We have headbands and accessories to ensure a good fit of all kid’s spectacles and we specialise in working with special needs children.

If your child has had an eye test at the hospital and they need glasses the hospital will provide you with a prescription form. Bring your form into Redgate opticians and our experts will advice you on the most suitable frame for your child’s prescription. We will also be able to answer any questions and concerns you may have over your child’s prescription and treatment they may be undergoing at the hospital.

All eye examinations are FREE for children. If glasses are needed they are FREE for children under 16, and FREE for children under 18 and in full time education. All repairs and replacements of broken glasses for children under 16 years old are also completely FREE.

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