Children’s faces are different from adults. They have smaller noses and the distance from the front of the face to the ear is shorter. More suitable glasses will have built up nose bridges to help the glasses sit up high so the lenses cover the entire eye area correctly. Shorter temples (arms of the glasses) will hold the frame in place. Ill-fitting glasses will slide down the nose and your child may get into a habit of “peeking over” the glasses, not what you want at all. Discomfort may also occur in this case, with sore areas appearing around the ear and nose: or your child might complain and say the glasses feel too ‘tight’.

Glasses for babies are also very different with special consideration given to safety. It is also important there is an option such as a headband to help the glasses stay on and that the coverage of the lens around the eye is large enough to ensure the child looks through the lenses and not around them. They may look too big compared to some slim adult styles but do remember the aim is to ensure your baby will be using their glasses properly and in the most beneficial way for them.

Redgate opticians has specialised Children’s eyewear (recommended by the Hospital Eye Service) in our High Wycombe town centre store. We have Miraflex frames (same as Tomato glasses) for very small children as well as larger flexible frames for older children. They have flexible sides and no screws to ensure the maximum comfort and safety. They are available with bands and ‘behind ear pieces’ so ensure a secure fit. Our specialist optometrist will ensure the correct style and fit is achieved for your child whether they are 1 month old or 16 years old. We welcome Hospital Eye Service Prescriptions and will offer our expert advice on the best frame fitting for your child.