One of the unique features we have at Redgate Opticians is Independent Prescribing Optometrists.

This means that they are recognised as a specialist and able to prescribe  any eye related medications that are normally only given in a Hospital Eye Clinic. We do offer our own “Eye Casualty” where patients can book a Medical Eye Examination and get treatment quickly.

Most common Eye Condition seen in our Eye Casualty

The most common issue we see is a Chalazion. Patients normally come in reporting that they have a lump in their eye lid and they think it is a “stye”. Some of these lumps can be quite large and unsightly, and some are painful. Fortunately, with the right care, they can often resolve quickly and without surgery.

The most important factor about treatment is starting early, the earlier treatment is started , the quicker and easier things will be. If treatment is delayed by weeks or months, the chance of the condition being resolved without surgery drops dramatically.