The Redgate Foundation


Helping others near and far.

Giving Glasses to those in need

We collect glasses and distribute to those in need. The glasses are collected, checked, fixed, and labelled. We then take them to where they are needed the most and distribute them.


Helping Local Causes

The Redgate Foundation also provide Free eye care and glasses to the homeless.

Helping the Homeless of High Wycombe. We joined the Wycombe Homeless Connection on their One Stop Health Day.

Second Chance Scheme

No one is perfect, we have all made mistakes.

Our second chance scheme is a way to allow people who have made mistakes to try and move forward. We offer paid placements and work schemes to those with no work history or previous convictions.

Hardship Fund

We know glasses are essential for some people. However, it doesn’t mean everyone can afford them. That’s where the Hardship Fund comes in. Its a short term interest free loan to those who really need glasses.