Top 10 Reasons to Choose us

When considering an Optician it is normal to do some research, find out what each practice has to offer. This page will help you learn about what makes Redgate Opticians so special and popular.


1.  Owned and Managed by Registered Optometrists.

Eye Care is regulated in the UK, this means that only people qualified and proven are able to examine the public’s Eyes. However, anyone can open and run an Optician. At Redgate Opticians we are always 100% owned and run by UK registered Optometrists. This means that from the moment you enter our practice to the point you leave, we have considered all aspects of your care from our 100+ yeas of combined professional experience.


2. Our People

Our staff are selected for being the best available in their respected fields. We are also proud to ensure that you can see that same Optometrist or Audiologist at each visit. To learn more about Our People, please click here.


3. Partnered with the NHS and registered with the General Optical Council.

We are proud to offer NHS services and products in several sectors. This means that Redgate’s staff and products and services are inspected and tested by NHS staff to ensure the highest standards. We are registered with the General Optical Council, which is the UK regulator for Optical Professionals and Companies. Companies not registered with the GOC, such as overseas online retailers, do not have to abide by their standards.



4. A UK Based Company and Tax payer.

Increasingly some companies are projecting an image to their customers of transparency and high ethical standards, but seeking to avoid paying Tax. They may do this by registering overseas, for example one of the biggest Opticians in the UK is registered in the tax haven of Guernsey and therefore pays no tax in the UK.


5. Positive About Disabled People. 

Our practice has been designed from the ground up for easy access. All clinical rooms are on the ground floor, all doors are extra wide and rooms have enough space to maneuver easily. Even with all that planning, there are those who still require more assistance, for those patients we are able to visit them in their own home or Care home. As we are partnered with the NHS this service is FREE to the patient.


6. Our Satisfaction Promise

If you buy glasses from us, and you feel they are not as good as you hoped, you can bring them back anytime within 3 months of the date of purchase and we will put it right, no questions asked. For example, if you buy some glasses, and you feel that the style doesn’t suit you after all, you can simply return and swap them for something else of the same value, or pay the difference for a more expensive pair.


7. Widest Range and Best Advice.

We cater for a wide range of expectations, from £25 for simple glasses, to £1000+ for complex varifocals. However at each price point, we guarantee you will not get the same product for less.


8. Redgate Hardship Fund

We are not just a company providing Health Care, we are a group of people who genuinely care about those around us. One way of demonstrating this is the Redgate Hardship Fund, this fund will provide services or products to local people who really need it, but for whatever reason are unable to avoid the cost. If you are in this situation or know someone who is, simply  contact us or come to the practice and we will help in any way we can.


9. Our People – The Medical Advisory Board.

At the heart of Redgate is our trained Clinicians. They are supported by a Medical Advisory Board (MAB) consisting of Doctors, Dentists, Nurses and an Audiologists who guide Redgate on all aspects of our practice and interactions with our patients. To learn more about our Medical Advisory Board, click here.


10. The Redgate Foundation 

We collect unwanted glasses and distribute them to areas of the world who desperately need them. We also provide health care and other services.