The word can create fear and dread. But why?


Why Should I get Varifocals?

Over time our eye’s internal lens becomes less elasticated and more hardened meaning that we struggle to focus at different distances. This means that where previously you may have been able to focus at different distances with a single pair of glasses, (or without glasses) you now struggle to adjust your focus for differing working distances (such as computer and TV).

In order for spectacles to help you to focus, you would need a prescription specific to the distance that you would be working at. This would mean a pair of glasses for reading, a separate pair for computer use or maybe for reading music or even  spectacles to sharpen the vision for driving.

A pair of varifocal lenses, also known as progressive lenses, incorporates all of these different prescriptions to allow you to experience clear vision at all distances with only one pair of glasses rather than two or three. Varifocal lenses have a spectrum of focal power.


So if you don’t get varifocals, you are either going to have to use two pairs or Bifocals (the lenses with the line on).


Why is Redgate so popular for Varifocals?

Varifocals are a bespoke product, which means that measurements need to be taken. If these measurements are not done properly, and with the wearer’s intended use in mind, then they won’t work.

Its like a suit. Imagine buying a new suit, but you didnt check the sizes. Its not likely to go well.

At Redgate, we pride our selves in understanding what your going to use the glasses for, so we can take the most accurate measurements, to ensure you make the most of your vision.