If you work in an environment where you use a VDU screen you maybe entitled to Eyecare Vouchers from your employer. These will be given to you automatically or upon request.

How do Eyecare Vouchers work?
Your employer will give you your Eye examination vouchers either when you ask for them or automatically. These can then be used to cover the cost of your eye test at Redgate Opticians. If you need glasses specifically for VDU work, which will be determined at your eye test, your employer will give you a ‘Spectacles Voucher’ to cover the cost.

How much are Eyecare Vouchers worth?
Spectacle vouchers come in denominations of £10, £55 and £75. The £10 top-up vouchers can be used to cover special prescriptions, while the £75 vouchers can be used for bifocal or varifocal lenses.

The vouchers cover the cost of basic glasses, but if they don’t fully cover the cost of the pair you want, you can still use them and make up the difference.

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