Watery Eye Clinic


A watery eye is known medically as epiphora. It is a common condition and can be broken down into 2 categories.

  1. Reduced Punctal Flow (78%) -> This is where the tears can not drain properly.
  2. Reflex Tearing (22%) -> This is where there is excess tear production usually caused by some form of irritation.

Our Optometrists will examine the patients eyes, determine the root cause of the watery eye and then treat the issue if possible.

Some issues that cause watery eye can not be treated on site, such as if a patient has a eye lid condition which causes the drain of the tears to not be in the correct position. This requires surgery and we can advise on how to go about getting this done either in the NHS or privately.

However most issues that cause watery eyes can be dealt with in the practice, the most common of which is where the drain of the tears is blocked, this is treated by washing the drain through with saline in a painless procedure called Lacrimal Syringing. 

This appointment is a private service and the fee is £50.


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