Why Choose Redgate?


There is a lot more to Redgate than the comfortable seating and atmosphere. We reveal why Redgate is so popular and what makes us special.

Our People

Your Vision is precious. Why not have the most experienced people look after it?

Consultant Optometrist Ahmed Hilmi

Ahmed is one of the resident Optometrists at Redgate. He also works in the John Radcliffe Hospital Eye Casualty Triage team and has a special interest in Macula Degeneration.

Consultant Optometrist Rabbia Sheikh

Rabbia specialises in Childrens Eye Care and Ortho-K. Ortho-K is a revolutionary treatment which means patients can be glasses free without having any surgery, simply by using a special contact lens over night. 

Our Optometrist’s have seen thousands of patients, detected many sight threatening conditions and even saved lives.

Having had experience in Hospitals, Private Clinics and Primary Care, our Optometrists have the breadth of experience not normally found on a High Street practice. 


Ahmed used this very scan to help diagnose Meningitis in a young boy. Thanks to his quick actions, the young boy is still alive today.

Our Technology and Software

We use Artificial Intelligence to help identify problems as early as possible

At Redgate we are very fortunate to have the latest technology. This means we can scan the front of the eye and the back of the eyes to a level that was thought not possible just a decade ago.

Redgate is the only Optician in Buckinghamshire to use the advanced Hilmi Practice Management software. This software not only securely stores patient data, but also uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to highlight the risks of Glaucoma, Macula degeneration, Anismetropia and many other conditions. 

Over 1000 Frames

Everyone is different, but you still deserve to look good. Thankfully we have you covered.

We all come in different shapes, sizes and colours. So should your glasses!

Get the glasses that suit you.

Amazing value

Our Offers mean you get amazing Value.

Our glasses start at £29 and include single vision lenses, and an eye test with our expert Optometrists using the latest equipment.

There is no Optician in High Wycombe that can offer such a package. 

Created, Owned and Run by Optometrists

No off shore Tax Havens or comprised Eye Care.

Redgate Opticians is created, run and owned by registered Optometrists. This means that everything that happens, every process, has been thought of and checked to make sure its in the patients best interest.

Redgate Opticians is also registered as a company in the UK, and therefore pay UK taxes, that provides money for our NHS, schools, and so many other things we all enjoy. Unfortunately we are a minority by paying UK tax, as most of our competitors are registered off shore and pay no UK taxes.

Your vision is so precious. It deserves the best.


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