Why Choose Redgate?


There is a lot more to Redgate than the comfortable seating and atmosphere. We reveal why Redgate is so popular and what makes us special.

Why Choose Redgate?

#1 Our Service


Your vision is the most precious sense you will ever have.


We offer you the opportunity to keep it as safe as possible.


A "Standard" Eye Examination that is Amazing.



Our Optometrists Ahmed and Rabbia both work in the Redgate High Wycombe practice and in local Hospitals. They have over 15 years of experience and unlike many practices, you can always see the same Optometrist if you want. 


Our Standard Eye Exam is FREE with NHS exemption or £30 without.

We also offer a range of Specialist Clinics

#2 Our Glasses Offers

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Your vision is so precious. It deserves the best.


Call our practice to arrange an Appointment on 01494 28690