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“There are no strangers here, just friends you haven’t met yet.” – Roald Dahl


Ahmed Hilmi

Ahmed Hilmi

Consultant Optometrist

Examinations Performed : 50,000+

Ahmed has experience in almost all areas of Optometry. Having worked in Surgical teams, Diabetic Clinics and traditional Independent and large High Street Practices. Ahmed has a keen interest in Dry Eye therapy and AMD.

When he is not at work he enjoys computer games, Football and travelling to exotic beaches !


Rabbia Sheikh

Rabbia Sheikh

Consultant Optometrist

Examinations Performed : 30,000+

Rabbia has over 10 years experience as an Optometrist. She specialises in Children’s Eye care, particularly disabled children. Rabbia also has a special interested in Domiciliary Eye Care, she has been visiting care homes for many years.

Rabbia likes to unwind with a coffee with her friends and explore London’s restaurants.


Zuzana Voracova

Zuzana Voracova

Optical Assistant

Zuzana is the glue that holds Redgate together. She helps dispense glasses, organise appointments and ensure that we have stock on the shelves!

When shes not at work, she likes going out with her friends and Brazilian restaurants.

Qasim Shiraz

Qasim Shiraz


Qasim is a qualified Audiologist, graduating in 2009 from the BSc Audiology course at Aston University. His training was undertaken primarily at Wycombe General Hospital, Amersham Hospital & Stoke Mandeville Hospital. On graduating he was very fortunate to be offered a position as a Clinical Research Associate for MED-EL who specialised in cochlear implants and middle ear implants. This position took him to Innsbruck, Austria where my career began.

Qasim also enjoys playing football with his friends and spending time with his children. 

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Kids Ready for School?

A fantastic new offer : Kids get two pairs for FREE ! In addition to all the great benefits of Redgate, Kids now get Two Pairs of Glasses* !    *kids = Under 16 with an NHS Voucher.  

Why are sunglasses important?

Despite being a cool fashion accessory,sunglasses also have a medical purpose-to protect your eyes against the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays. It's recommended to wear sunglasses during daylight hours so you don't get any of the bad sun effects on your eyes like...

Now is the Time !

Now that the summer holidays are here, its a perfect time to get the kid's Eyes checked.   Everyone knows how important children's eye sight is, but it can still get left for "another time".   Don't delay, Redgate Opticians has an NHS Children's Eye Clinic, which...

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Redgate Opticians and Hearing Centre is a company built on values.

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Redgate Beach is the inspiration for Redgate Opticians.

Redgate Opticians

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