Routine Eye Examination


At Redgate Opticians we provide a comprehensive Eye Examination according to the NHS and College of Optometrist guidelines.

One of the major advantages of Redgate is that it is owned and run by UK registered Optometrists. This ensures a patient focused approach, rather than a profits first approach.

One of the reasons we have such good reviews and recommendations is our unique combination of the leading equipment and experienced professionals.


What happens in a Redgate Eye Test?


Once we have created the patient file, we move on to the Pre – Testing.



One of our experienced Optical Assistants will use the Zeiss I-Profiler to give a very accurate measurement of  the prescription. It will also check the curvature of the Cornea in great detail (Corneal Topographer) to screen for conditions like Keratoconus and for perfect contact lens fitting.

The Topcon NW6 Digital Retinal Scanner

The Topcon NW6 Digital Retinal Scanner

They will then use a Fundus Camera to take Digital Scans of the Retina. We use the Topcon NW6 Fundus Camera, this machine has been the industry standard for Diabetic Screening programs and Retinal Imaging for years.

Visual Fields may also be done, this is a test to see how much vision a person has, eg how far out to the periphery can they see? We are using the Zeiss HFA720i which is the same units used in many hospital eye clinics. The Zeiss field screeners are the gold standard in measuring peripheral vision. It is also one of the very few machines the DVLA has said are acceptable to check suitability for driving.
So if a patient has lost their driving license due to their visual field, we are able to retest and check the results, and if appropriate, apply for the result to be reviewed.

This information will then be passed onto the Optometrist and explained to the patient in the Eye Test.


Symptoms and History

This is a chance for our Optometrist to understand your current concerns and what visual needs you have. It also allows them to know what has happened to your eyes in the past and if you are at any extra risk of eye conditions.


Measure your Vision

Using the industry leading Nidek computerised Test Chart, we are able to accurately measure Adults and Children’s vision. The Chart is able to use Letters, Numbers and shapes so children who do not know their letters can still have an eye test. It is also useful for people who do not understand the English alphabet.



Refraction is the technical term for measuring the prescription required for the best vision possible.


Binocular Vision Assessment

The Optometrist will then check for any squints or eye muscle disorders.


Ocular Examination

The gold standard for assessing the front half of the eye is using a machine called a Slit Lamp. We use a special version which is mounted on a movable arm. This means that we can examine patients of any shape and size, and even in their own wheel chair. We are not aware of any other Optician in Buckinghamshire with this machine.

To examine the back of the retina, including the retina, we use a combination of the Volk lens assessment and the digital Retinal Scan that was taken in the pre-test.



We are very fortunate to have a hospital grade 4th generation 3D Optical Coherence Tomographer (OCT). This allows our Optometrists to pick up Eye problems such as Glaucoma or Macula degeneration years in advance.



Intra Ocular Pressure Measurement

The Optometrist can use an air puff machine, or a Goldman Applanation Tonometer. For routine screening, the air puff is quick and painless and therefore the machine of choice. If however the Optometrist requires a more detailed and accurate assessment, the Goldman is used.


Other Tests

Depending on the patients requirements and age there are many other tests that may be done, these include:

  • Ishihara Colour Vision Assessment
  • City Colour Vision Test
  • Amsler Chart for Macula Degeneration
  • Stereopsis – checks the ability to see in 3 dimensions
  • Corneal Pachymetry – Measuring the thickness of the cornea.


Every Eye examination concludes with a detailed report which is given to you, this includes your glasses prescription, but also some information about your eyes, how healthy they are and what types of vision problems you may have.


Have some Questions?

We know sometimes people are looking for a specific type of check or test to be done, this maybe for the DVLA , a work assessment or for professional drivers. We are able to conduct the vast majority of these assessments, however if you have a question feel free to either call us on 01494 258690 or use the contact form below and we will reply by phone or email as soon as we can.


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